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Natural Bug Repellents * Kirsten Anderberg


The following recipes were collected by Kirsten Anderberg over a 30 year period. She makes no medicinal claims about these recipes and cautions people to make sure you know what herbs and plants you are dealing with before using them.

Bug Repellent OILS
Many herbs are traditional bug repellents. PENNYROYAL is amazing as a bug repellent and bug killer. Once I put a bouquet of freshly picked pennyroyal in a corner of my room, and within no time, it was *full of dead bugs!* (Warning: Pennyroyal is not good near/on pregnant women). Pennyroyal oil is a pungent and effective bug repellent as is eucalyptus oil. I also have used rosemary oil effectively as a bug repellent. People say citronella is good as a bug repellent but my personal experience has been that it is not that effective on its own to keep bugs off you.

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Bug Repellent
1 c. witch hazel extract ** 1/2 t. citronella oil ** 1/2 t. eucalyptus oil ** 1/8 t. cedar oil
Combine in spray bottle, shake well, keep away from nose, mouth and eyes.

Bugs, such as mosquitoes and fleas, do not like eucalyptus, pennyroyal, citronella and tea tree oils.

Tip: Use Br. Bronner's Eucalyptus soap when camping, it will cut down on insect bites.
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Make Your Own Bug Repellent
You can make your own herbal oils by using a base oil, such as olive, coconut or almond oil, and adding as much herb as possible while keeping somewhat liquid still. It is easier to use dried herbs than fresh for this. Simmer in a double boiler over boiling water for about an hour. Cool. Strain. Bottle and use. Pennyroyal and eucalyptus make excellent bug repellent oils.

How To Stop Bug Bites From Itching
You can help stop the sting and itch of bug bites by mixing baking soda and water into a paste, then applying it to the irritated area. Let it dry on the bitten area. This provides nearly immediate relief. You can do the same thing with clay, or mud. You can also apply powdered marsh mallow root or slippery elm root made into a paste with water to help soothe bug bites.

DISCLAIMER: Do not eat or drink tea from any plant you have not fully studied and identified properly. Please consult with your local alternative herbal care specialist before using herbs you are not familiar with.


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