Herbs for Vulvas
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Vaginas in Mythology, Art, and History by Kirsten Anderberg

Vaginas in Mythology, Art, and History

This book examines the relationship between vulvas (women's genitals) and society, history, health, art, religion, politics and more. Vulvic imagery of goddesses Sheela-na-gig and Baubo, in addition to alternative vulvic products such as necklaces, purses and pillows shaped like vulvas, are discussed in relation to women's self esteem. Women's spirituality, religion and gender, herbal remedies for vulvas, midwifery, the "sanitary protection" industry, the psychology of gender, women's mental health and esteem as related to vulvas are all discussed. Especially healing for women with body esteem and genital shame issues.

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About the Author: Kirsten Anderberg received her B.A. Degree in Women's Studies and Political Science from the University of WA and her M.A. Degree in History from CA State University. She has written articles and taught workshops on women's body esteem and sexuality at various universities and resorts.

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