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My landlord is incredibly unreasonable and it is wildly frustrating. My shower has a leak, it flooded the rugs. So on Dec. 4, a plumber came and unplugged the drain. Then on Dec. 5 a guy came and cut up the rugs and put blowers in. On Dec. 9, he took the blowers away. Ever since...nothing has been done. The leak still exists, the moldy baseboards are still exposed...and so what does my unreasonable landlord do? She sends a rug guy to my home today. ???? If you put the rugs in, without fixing the leak, they will just get ruined again. But as I said, I have a completely unreasonable landlord who is driving me crazy with all her folly. My house has been torn up since Dec. 4. A REASONABLE person would 1) get a contractor to find the leak, 2) fix the leak, 3) replace the rugs. But my unreasonable landlord somehow is I guess going to just cover it all up with new rugs and not fix the leak...I wish there were ways to ENFORCE landlord tenant law. The laws are useless without enforcement. I am being held hostage by this situation, unsure when or if this will ever be finished or repaired. And now it seems she is just going to cover it up with new happen again. Not putting anything on ground floor level after this...because they did not repair it properly before, this is the 2nd time it has flooded... there will be a third, I guess. It is starting to just feel like slumlording...If I had money, I would move away from this mess this relatively new landlord has made of this place. At this point, not a one appt. on calendar to fix this...It is most certainly unreasonable and most certainly slumlording.

Thank you to all the clergy who have stood up in Ferguson and on streets around the nation, to start truly bringing this issue of police accountability to the forefront of issues. It is long overdue and most certainly is a matter of spirit, as well as justice.

While Ferguson is primarily black, the police force is predominantly white...and I am starting to gain hope that TECHNOLOGY and INDY MEDIA EDUCATION have actually pushed cops into accountability beyond their control. I remember when I had my first digital camera at a protest in 2003, but now EVERYONE has a camera via their phones! Now cops know EVERYONE is filming them! Look how many people have phones up and filming in this pic of a Ferguson protest this year. I am so sick of police NOT serving and protecting us that I applaud all of the people putting heat on police for accountability and keep it coming, is my cheer! This has gone on WAYYYY too long, from the depths of "In the Heat of the Night," to current U.S. police shooting after police shooting of unarmed black males! This picture says it all. WHO IS THIS COP WITH THE SNARLING COP DOG PROTECTING AND SERVING???? THEMSELVES is the only answer I can come up with.

Dec. 7, 2014:

I fully support the police accountability protests going on in the streets of the U.S. right now. I have seen the Seattle Police, in particular, break laws consistently. They have also fought tooth and nail via their police union to resist drug testing. Why is the Seattle PD afraid of being drug tested like any McDonald's employee, hmmm? The corruption of these police unions is so vast, I am glad people are finally GETTING IT that white cops keep killing black folks with no accountability at phenomenal and consistent rates for decades. And this is not just about police abusing people of color, it is also about them abusing THE POOR. Cops TARGET the poor and the poor are the majority of those charges with crimes, as reflected by statistics such as 90% of those arrested in Seattle need a public pretender/defender. And then the public pretenders receive HALF the funding that the prosecutors do... it is sickening. Cops literally get away with murder, all the time. I have been complaining loudly about this since 2003 when Seattle cops violated people in front of me over and over, while hiding like little cowards by covering their own name tags which are REQUIRED ON THE OUTERMOST LAYER OF THEIR CLOTHING AT ALL TIMES, but I guarantee you, at ANY of these police riots by these cowards, these cops will be hiding their name tags, on purpose, under their riot gear for the ONE SOLE PURPOSE OF THEM NOT BEING IDENTIFIED as they break laws. I proposed cops wear huge florescent NAMES ON THEIR BACKS LIKE FOOTBALL PLAYERS in the past, and the cop union quickly said that would endanger cops somehow. These little cowards strap on huge amounts of protective gear WHICH NONE OF THE PROTESTERS HAVE BY THE WAY, the PROTESTERS ARE IN NORMAL STREET CLOTHING, while the COWARDLY COPS are in huge Robocop outfits!! Who is the coward there?! And then the cops are ARMED TO THE HILT, WHILE IN MASSIVE PROTECTIVE GEAR, against UNARMED PROTESTERS IN STREET CLOTHING!!!! I am sorry, but that is simple cowardice. Then these white cops claim they had to shoot people of color, over and over. Maybe they should quit hiring such weasely little cowards. I would like to see cops WITHOUT RIOT GEAR at street protests, LIKE THE PROTESTERS. It makes me sick what cops have gotten away with and Seattle has been a butt of police abuse. The cops there are notorious for stealing drugs from people on the street (hence their refusal to be drug tested) and they broke so many laws it was insane at their little WTO police riots. It is ALWAYS the cops who commit the most violence at EVERY street protest, just look at how they come dressed in protective gear and armed to the hilt, UNLIKE THE PROTESTERS. I am sick of cowardly cops who break laws and are afraid of being drug tested. Every cop MUST be drug tested. For several reasons: to know they are not policing while drugged, but most importantly, to make sure they are not drug addicts using street crime to fuel their habits by harassing users and dealers and then busting them and stealing their drugs. This happens constantly in Seattle. I have known several people who got busted for selling drugs in Seattle, yet they were shocked that when it went to trial, they were charged with something like 1 ounce when they were busted with a POUND! And the one being charged is certainly not going to say, "Hey, wait a minute, I was busted with a pound, not an ounce!" so these cops literally pay for their drugs via free drugs from street busts and their union fights every time people try to get these cops drug tested. Seattle cops harbor some serious drug addicts...just do the testing. So, I support the street protests 100%. And again, if the cops were not there to CREATE violence they then blame on the protesters, then why are the only ones armed and dressed in protective gear the cops? It is sickening. KEEP THOSE PROTESTS COMING.

Nov, 29, 2014:

I am overcoming my own fears of success, having courage, and going back to law school to become a "Peoples' Lawyer." Last time around, I did pass all of my prerequisites for my J.D. at Whittier College of Law in Costa Mesa, but for Con Law and the 3rd year electives. I remain in good standing there. But Whittier Law School is predominantly corporate/business law, or it was when I was there long ago. I need to go to an activist-based law school. Something like UCBerkeley or the Peoples College of Law. in Los Angeles. I need to start taking this dream to the finish line. Last time around, I was a full-time single parent with no childcare at all. This time, my kid is 30 years old, and I will have more time for internships, work study, etc. I am ready to get in there and try this again. Honestly, part of what lit the fire under my ass was Mr. McCullough's presentation of the grand jury verdict in the Ferguson/Michael Brown case. Seeing that disgusting display of state injustice just made me want to go back to law school as revenge. And it appears that is where we are headed, with my own insecurities and personal obstacles put on hold for the greater good of needing more activist lawyers. I passed law school before. I can pass it again. It is scary as shit. But sometimes you have a calling, and you have to go for it, no matter what, against all odds...just because you know it is something you can do and thus should do for the greater good. I can sit in my living room and bitch at the tv when I see McCullough talk, or I can get my hands in there and start representing poor people that desperately need more public defenders and public law servants. My heart is there... and I seriously feel I must march into that fire...agh! Scary shit, but I am jumping off the cliff into the abyss of law school again. Packing my parachute as we speak...And I would never ever have gotten to a 4 year university or law school if Rudy Ortega from Cabrillo College in Aptos, CA had not taken me by the hand when no other counselors would, and showed me HOW you APPLY to higher educational institutions. Rudy, this return to law school is for you, too. I promised myself I would spend some time pro bono doing immigration reform law in your honor last time around, maybe this time I can finally get that going. Without Rudy Ortega caring, listening, helping us with our dreams, soooooooo many disadvantaged students would never have gone onto a university. This man CARED and I want to be like him when I grow up.

Check out my new Zine Blog!! The Urban Dictionary defines "Zine" as ""Zine" is short for fanzine. For all intensive purposes, a zine is a cheaply-made, cheaply-priced publication, often in black and white, which is mass-produced via photocopier and bound with staples. Most zines revolve around a music scene of some sort, but others are dedicated to artwork, poetry, cartoons, editorials and short stories. Because zines do not have any sort of corporate backing, they are very rugged, individualized, and much more charismatic than larger, more popular magazines whose content is often dictated by their advertisers." Wikipedia defines "zine" as "most commonly a small circulation self-published work of original or appropriated texts and images usually reproduced via photocopier. A popular definition includes that circulation must be 1,000 or fewer, although in practice the majority are produced in editions of less than 100, and profit is not the primary intent of publication. They are informed by anarchopunk and DIY ethos. Zines are written in a variety of formats, from desktop published text to comics to handwritten text (an example being the hardcore punk zine Cometbus). Print remains the most popular zine format, usually photocopied with a small circulation. Topics covered are broad, including fanfiction, politics, art and design, ephemera, personal journals, social theory, riot grrrl and intersectional feminism, single topic obsession, or sexual content far enough outside of the mainstream to be prohibitive of inclusion in more traditional media. The time and materials necessary to create a zine are seldom matched by revenue from sale of zines. Small circulation zines are often not explicitly copyrighted and there is a strong belief among many zine creators that the material within should be freely distributed. In recent years a number of photocopied zines have risen to prominence or professional status and have found wide bookstore and online distribution."

I was proud to see Seattle still protesting in the streets about this Ferguson injustice. If I was in Seattle, I would be living down there between the Federal Building and Westlake Park/Mall too. THANK YOU SEATTLE RADICALS for getting your asses out in the street and stopping business as usual. It is the right thing to do. I saw there were large protests in Los Angeles, NYC, and many other U.S. cities last night too. YES! I am soooooo glad to see that people *get it* as this really was an insane travesty of twisting justice and as soon as that bastard McCulloch began to speak, I went - "What THE FUCK is THIS?!" It was like he was a defense attorney in a courtroom! It was biased from his first breath and I just sat there shocked, with my jaw on the floor listening to his demeanor and the utter bullshit he was spewing. And then to see that creep Wilson talking freely with Stephanopolous as if he was some kind of victim. I was alarmed by SEVERAL things he said in that interview, like when he said, "I thought to myself, "Can I kill him?"" It just sounded really weird the way he said that. He LOOKS guilty as sin while seeming to think he looks innocent. I cannot imagine his attorney thought that interview was a good idea. One of the major problems I have with this guy's testimony about what happened is it is SOOOOOO complicated that it sounds like it has to be a lie. It sounds like a kid getting caught lying then trying to cover it with some really weird elaborate lie that soon makes it obvious they are lying. Wilson also said he was hit on the opposite side of the face than the side shown red in the pictures in that interview. It seems like a really elaborate lie...and weirdly, McCullough is right at the center of that elaborate lie! BIZARRE! DEFINITELY there is some corruption stinking out of this pile, wafting towards America. I saw an interview with the guy who was next to and with Michael Brown when Darren Wilson began his violent rampage on them. That guy said they were running, with their backs to that crazed cop and that the cop was shooting at both of them as they ran! It seems that Darren Wilson and Michael Brown got into a name calling - authority challenging situation and that literally turned into a deadly confrontation for Mr. Brown. Darren Wilson was obviously pissed at what Mr. Brown was SAYING to him. THAT DID contribute to his deadly response in my opinion and that is not what deadly force is for - to wipe out someone taunting you verbally. Cops need to have more of a head on them than that. And yes, in that capacity, he was like a little child, as he refers to himself, which is also really really weird for a cop to say. There are too many weird parts to the things Wilson says. I have a serious problem with this Ferguson outcome thus far. We will see what the Feds do with this.

Nov. 25, 2014: Finally, the press conference with Al Sharpton and the Brown family's attorneys made some sense. All I felt last night about that weasel Bob McCulloch finally were voiced eloquently by them. I am PISSED OFF at Bob McCulloch. In fact, I am so pissed off at what McCulloch did, that I am returning to law school as revenge again. I have passed 2/3 of my J.D. degree in the past. I am still in good standing. I can pass law school. I have proven that. I need to return to law school and help the police accountability movement. I have witnessed police violence and corruption first hand and almost nothing makes me angrier than corrupt cops. I have long complained about many of the issues raised by this Michael Brown case. And this is an American Civil Rights issue, not a Ferguson cop issue. I take this very personally. It is an assault on the integrity of the Justice System, and it is an assault on Civil Rights from a top level. McCulloch tried to try the case right there in his announcement of the jury verdict yesterday! It was EXTREMELY unethical and smelled strongly of bias from his first breath. I was insulted that McCulloch thought American citizens were stupid enough to lap up his disgusting pablum. I am willing to join the movement to FORCE cops into accountability with a new fervor by going to law school again. I would like to go to the People's School of Law in Los Angeles because it is an activist-based school. I am low-income so I am thinking of asking for group funding to help me pull off the funding for law school. But I am willing to dedicate my life to public interest law, even specifically police accountability law, as I have had violent police in Seattle violate my rights in front of me, hiding their name tags thus violating laws...and I also know the past has revealed FBI paying instigators of violence in 1960's and 70's they talk about "outsiders" as the rioters...we need to look very closely at that, actually.

I ALSO WANT TO COMMENT ON WHAT COWARDS THE POLICE WERE LAST NIGHT. THE ONLY PEOPLE IN THE STREETS LAST NIGHT IN FERGUSON WITH FULL PROTECTIVE GEAR, face shields, padding, bulletproof vests, and armed with batons, tear gas, guns...that was COPS, not protesters. PROTESTERS HAD THE COURAGE TO GO OUT WITHOUT PROTECTIVE GEAR, WITHOUT TEAR GAS...Police last night looked just as Darren Wilson described himself, a little child next to the Hulk, the Hulk being angry protesters. I also am pissed that just like the Rodney King riots, the cowardly cops refused to go into the black neighborhoods around Ferguson last night as reported by a community activist with the last name of Gaskin...on they protected white parts of town, just like the way Beverly Hills was CLOSED OFF during the Rodney King riots while no cops would enter the riot zone as things burned to the ground. I am sickened and this is an American Civil Rights issue.

OMGs! I CANNOT STOMACH Prosecutor McCulloch's BULLSHIT for even another second. He is shown on TV again and just his face is enough to power me through my law degree. HIS BULLSHIT IS SO THICK.

November 24, 2014: THIS VERDICT coming out of Ferguson, MO really PISSES ME OFF. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS. YES, THERE SURE AS HELL IS PROBABLE CAUSE IN THIS MICHAEL BROWN CASE. Yet another UNARMED black male killed by a white male cop that gets away with murder. Darren Wilson, shame on you. And Prosecuting attorney Bob McCulloch, triple shame! What the hell?! Do you think we are so stupid as to be deceived by that long document dump on the front end of your announcing no indictment?! Manipulative, deceptive, defensive, protective of the state, not citizens. Slime. I knew within a few seconds of Bob McCulloch's rambling he was prepping to let the murderer Darren Wilson go free. If this was one isolated incident, but it is not. I have seen time and time again, white weasely male cops, all looking like Mark Fuhrman from the OJSimpson trials, killing UNARMED black males at unaccaptable rates, as if any rate is acceptable! And EACH TIME, these cops are fully insulated by the cop unions, prosecutors and state. When the State is on trial for the murder of an unarmed black male and the State is also the prosecutor, there are problems of the fox guarding the hen house. Michael Brown had no such team on his side. As a matter of fact, the team of state authorities was against his side. I also was repulsed by Police Chief Jon Belmar, another sweaty looking fat white male cop of the Fraternity, and his acting like he and his cops were poor victims pissed me off. He acted like his own police had zero to do with these protests!! I saw MSNBC announcers saying tonight that police in Ferguson tonight were "retreating" when they heard gunshots, and boy does that sound like the days of rioting after the Rodney King beater cop was also not prosecuted properly, when the LAPD just stood back and let neighborhoods burn, too cowardly to go in and establish order. I also heard MSNBC say tonight that "some officers are clearly agitated." Add guns and riot gear to those agitated cops, yes, then blame all the violence on "outside protesters." Come on! We have heard that "outside" protester crap ad nauseum. We heard that beaten to death during the 1999 WTO police riots in Seattle. Over and over people tried to say it was "Eugene Anarchists" and not Seattleites that caused the riots when in fact, it was the local, state and federal POLICE that CAUSED the riots. THEY were the ones with weapons! THEY were the ones with pepper spray and tear gas. THEY were the ones with protective riot gear! Have you seen Eugene? It is so small that it would have cleared out the entire city of Eugene if indeed it had been the "Eugene Anarchists" that caused the WTO police riots in Seattle in 1999. So, hearing this idiotic Patricia Bynes repeating over and over that it was "outsiders" protesting in Ferguson, and her telling "peaceful protesters to stay home" shows she is either insanely ignorant or thinks we are. I did not buy a second of the ridiculous state PR pablum spewed by Patricia Bynes all over the media tonight. But the worst was that show put on by Bob McCulloch. Good god. Deceptive from the get go. I laughed out loud as he railed on and on about how angry he was at social media's unregulated ability to give first hand accounts that the state could not CONTROL!!! LOL! That was great! It is clear from his speech tonight that cops are HIGHLY alarmed at PUBLIC WATCHDOGGING AND FREE ACCESS TO SOCIAL MEDIA TO REPORT, FIRST HAND, in REAL TIME, AS COPS MISBEHAVE. You could hear Bob McCulloch's anger at not being able to control that social media tonight during his document dump/deceptive speech. LOL! Viva Social Media! Shame on Bob McCulloch and the State for this sham of "justice" in yet one more case of a wimpy little white boy cop being protected by police unions and the state in the killing of another unarmed black man. I, personally, do not think justice was served, I think the whole grand jury thing was insulated and manipulative and in all reality, charges should have been filed, not a grand jury investigation. If Michael Brown had "mistakenly" shot Darren Wilson to death, I am SURE HE WOULD HAVE BEEN PROSECUTED IMMEDIATELY, without a grand jury investigation first. THAT is the problem. HUGE double standards and protecting rogue cops to the point that it discredits not only police, but also the justice system in the U.S. Also, in all court cases a judge can overturn the jury's decision. I remember that vividly from law school. So, the judge COULD HAVE overturned the grand jury's no indictment result, I do believe. I may be wrong, but I remember I was blown away in law school that a judge could just override the jury, so what was the point of juries? Token democracy, at best. It seems to me that a judge could have actually overturned the no indictment decision from the jury, but even more important than that, there was no reason to HAVE a grand jury indictment. Charges should have been filed. No Grand Jury was needed. The Grand Jury move was manipulative and also out of normal practice. I smell something quite FOUL. Coward. That is what I think Darren Wilson is. A COWARD.


N'est-ce pas? This is just such a perfect metaphor for LIFE! LOL! You may not escape in heels! I have never worn a pair of high heels nor do I intend ever to. It is just too close to foot binding to make sense to me. My feet do not come to a POINT in the MIDDLE, thank you!


I paint rocks, and this is one I painted recently to resemble a Malibu Potteries tile design. Malibu Potteries was open from 1926-1932 on the beach of Malibu near where the Malibu Pier sits now. I love their tile work and have spent a lot of time studying the Malibu Potteries history. Here is another painted rock I made of a Malibu Potteries tile design... Visit my Art Blog for more art fun!


Every now and then I go out on the internet to see what is happening with my articles, etc. and I see there are some new places citing my work out there...I have a webpage which lists some of the places my work is cited, in professional journals, etc. at I see that recently I was cited in a University of Oregon paper entitled "Denial of Universal Human Material Needs and Aversion to the Homeless," by Naomi Zack, and my book about homelessness is also recommended by Seattle University's "Faith and Family Homelessness Project". I wrote a book review a decade ago, of "The No-Nonsense Guide to Islam," a book sent to me by a magazine to read and review, which I did, but that review is currently posted on "Islam Daily". It amazes me how long the lifespan is of things I write. I see I am also listed on the "Seattle Radical Timeline" website, for being part of the "Morningtown Pizza Collective," (scroll down to the date 4-1-1969, April Fool's Day). Morningtown Pizza was the most anarchist thing I have ever experienced and it shaped the heights of my dreams to date. Here is an article from the now defunct "Seattle Sun" about Morningtown. That place will forever be in my blood. This article is from 1977, which is when I first stumbled upon Morningtown, before I worked there. I was a homeless teen, and wandered into Morningtown one rainy night somehow...and met a guy who was a manager of an apt. building in the U District nearby and he let me and my high school runaway friend with me live rent free in one of the apts that was not rented out...I began to sing and play guitar in exchange for free food at Morningtown in approx. 1978 at the behest of Stan Iverson, whom I remained friends with until his passing.

Stan Ivarson at Morningtown, 1977
I sang at Morningtown for food for many years, then in approximately 1983, I began to work at M'town was a life experience in communal living I am not soon to forget.


100 Year Old Homemade Candy Recipes!

I have a Master's Degree in History and Archiving and have spent some time researching 100 year old (and older) recipes. One of my books is full of 100 year old CANDY recipes. It is really fun to make your own candy from wholesome ingredients around Halloween and the Day of the Dead. You can find my book of 100 Year old candy recipes for sale on Amazon at or just click on the book cover above. This book contains home-made candy recipes which are 100 or more years old, but can still be made today. The recipes date from 1885-1908, and include recipes from the author's great-grandmother in addition to archival recipes from books and newspapers. Includes candy history, trivia and cooking tips with regards to candy throughout the book. Unusual recipe details include things like the recommendations of melting grated chocolate for dipping over a teakettle, dipping nuts into chocolate with a thin knitting needle and testing candy on snow. Discussion of the lack of modern refrigeration during this time period is also included. These recipes hark of an older day, but read like a health food cookbook nowadays, due to the lack of artificial ingredients and use of wholesome, pure foods to make old-fashioned candy. “For homemade candies, use pure materials and good fruit. Enough of earths and starch and decayed fruits are bought in the cheap candies of the stores.” – The Housewife’s Library, 1885. This book includes 85 candy recipes, including Butterscotch Candies, Lemon Drops, Horehound Candy, Everton Taffy, Christmas Bonbons, Fondant, Cream Candies, Coconut Creams, Maple Creams, Chocolate Creams, Fruit Creams, Maple Fudge, Chocolate Fudge, Brown Sugar Fudge aka Pinoche, Vanilla Caramels, Maple Caramels, Coffee Caramels, Chocolate Caramels, Ginger Candy, Honey Candy, Molasses Candy, Peppermints, Candy Canes, Lemon Taffy, Butter Taffy, Peanut Brittle, Almond Candy, Candied Nuts, Southern Pralines, Popcorn Balls, Candied Fruits, Orange Sticks, Orange Caramels, Crystalized Fruits, Stuffed Dates, Date/Fig Candy, Orange Chips and Crystalized Grapes.


PERSONAL EARTHQUAKE EXPERIENCES: Sylmar 1971, Santa Cruz 1989, Northridge 1994

On October 17, 1989, I was one of many who experienced the "Loma Prieta" Earthquake, which tore through Santa Cruz and San Francisco in the middle of the day, at 5:04 pm. It was pretty amazing. It was a Magnitude: 7.1 on the Richter Scale, with its epicenter in the Santa Cruz Mountains, CA. It had 0.64 G Force (near epicenter) and its Focal Depth was 11 miles. I interviewed people I know who were in some of the earthquakes I have been in, and put their responses in an ebook which you can get on Amazon (you can click on the book cover above to get it also). The red tag on the book cover above was the actual red tag from our building in Northridge, CA which was red-tagged after the 1994 quake there!


Fairness Study with Monkeys Shows A Lot...

Frans de Waal's TED Talk about an experiment using Capuchin monkeys is one of great importance, I believe. The experiment was later done with other animals, such as dogs, birds, etc. and the result is always the same. The idea is they put two monkeys in adjoining cages and usually feed the monkeys, as a reward for a task, cucumbers, which they like and are happy to be fed. But the experiment mixes things up by letting one monkey SEE the other monkey get a food they prefer, grapes, to the everyday cucumbers...and it is not only hilarious, but quite moving, to see the monkey's quick reaction to this "unfairness." For me, this immediately reflected the frustrations I feel, personally, over class divisions in the U.S. as I experience them. When I was on Facebook (which I am clean and sober of for months now, you should try it), it also showed me the huge class differences that exist in society and part of what made me laugh was there is a class distinction in reaction to this experiment. I found that most middle class people I knew took this experiment to be about JEALOUSY and said the monkey that was pissed was showing a lowly emotion of jealousy but most people I know who are poor interpretted it as being about FAIRNESS and said it represented the concept that poor people are not dumb, they KNOW they are getting the unfair end of the stick! It is all about POWER.


I have been looking for a way to use sewing to help poor people, especially women. I like the goals of this organization and think it is a good idea. provides cloth menstrual pads for women in poor countries. I can only imagine how much something like that would help, especially in countries with menstruation taboos. I also am interested in the Dress a Girl Around the World Organization, though I am a little more hesitant to work with them due to their heavy emphasis on Christianity. I do not like the idea of forcing theology on people in return for "giving" them things they need. I feel it taints the "giving" if you force them to listen to your religious beliefs in that way. But I am interested in volunteerism, and I am low-income...perhaps sewing is a way I can help others...


Disney's 1929 "Silly Symphony" cartoon, "The Dancing Skeletons," is perfect for the Halloween season!


Virginia Davis played "Alice" in the 1920's Disney short films...

In 1922, Walt Disney formed "Laugh-O-Gram Films." That company had troubles, and in 1923, Disney was able to sell his Alice series of 6 short films for $1,500 each, getting Walt back on his feet. The Alice movies feature a little girl, Virginia Davis, and her exploits, such as the 1924 "Alice's Wild West Show." Disney made several cartoons before Mickey Mouse found popularity, but they were there right as films began to have sound and thus Disney's use of sound began to revolutionize the before silent cartoon world. The "Silent Era" lasted from 1894-1929, approximately. Learn more about the history of animation by following my Animation Blog!


If you want to watch a crazy, scary early silent movie from 1908, which is perfect for the Halloween season, check out Spanish director Segundo de Chomon's "The Haunted House." It is truly bizarre! For more old-fashioned animation fun for Halloween, check out "Koko the Clown and the Ouija Board," which was released in 1920 by the Fleischer Brothers.


Ladislaw Starewicz is one of my favorite animation pioneers. He wired bugs to make them into bug puppets and made stop motion films with them in the early 1900's...Check out my new Animation Blog! I have become interested in animation for several reasons. This art form has an amazing history and I am blogging about it now...


I have created a Day of the Dead/Halloween webpage full of resources to make your own Halloween/Day of the Dead arts and crafts, foods, etc. Check it out at


"Norman in the Clouds," my newest book is now on sale!

Aug. 22, 2014: My newest book, "Norman in the Clouds," is now available on Amazon!! I wrote and illustrated it myself, and it is my first children's fiction book and also the first book I have illustrated! You can now purchase this fun, new book at!


Making homemade fruit leather from blackberries! (Photo: K.Anderberg)

Aug. 18, 2014: Wondering what to do with all those blackberries that are ripe now? Visit my webpage about Blackberries for recipes and information about blackberries!


A page from my newest book, "Norman in the Clouds."

Aug. 13, 2014: I have written a new children's book entitled, "Norman in the Clouds." I illustrated it myself using Photoshop and it is my first fiction, my first children's book and my first attempt at illustration, so this is a lot of firsts! I am waiting for the proof now to see if it is ready to go or needs something else. I have a few more children's books I have written and need to still illustrate. I like the idea of writing fiction, I just have not really done that before so that is something new I am learning about and enjoying.


Abby the Spoon Lady

Women Buskers Project Interviews #4: A Woman Saw Player and Woman Spoon Player!
Read interviews with NYC's Natalia "Saw Lady" Paruz and also Abby the Spoon Lady, from the US...(Read More...)


Mariide Widman, busking the Pike Place Market in Seattle, 1975

Women Buskers Project Interviews #3: More Seattle Women Buskers!!
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Yva Las Vegass

Women Buskers Project Interviews #2: Seattle Women Buskers!!
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WATER FOOTPRINTS: Hidden Water Costs for Products

"Water footprint" is a term used to define all the hidden water consumption required to produce a product. According to the National Geographic Magazine/April 2010 (, it takes 1,857 gallons of fresh water to serve one pound of beef as food, when you add up the water the animal drinks, the water used to grow its food and the water used to clean its waste. Coffee takes 37 gallons of water to produce every cup of coffee. Although our planet is covered with water, 97% of the water is salty and 2% of our fresh water is locked up as snow and ice, which leaves 1% of our planet's fresh water for all our current water uses, which range from crop irrigation and industrial production to cooling nuclear reactors, sewers and drinking/bathing/recreational uses ( Referred to as "blue gold" or "the next oil," competition for fresh water is growing all over the world as we pollute and use more fresh water than is replenished, overdrawing our environmental bank account...(Read More...)

Woods on Vashon Island, WA (Photo: K. Anderberg 2004)

"Do yourself a favor, educate your mind..." - Stevie Wonder


I have been involved with activism to help stop homelessness for decades. The following is an article I wrote on the topic a few years back...

(Photo taken by K. Anderberg, Downtown Seattle, WA., 2007)

Homelessness and the Privilege of Privacy
When I've been homeless, the hardest part has been the lack of privacy. The *privilege of privacy* is something many take for granted, but for those of us who have experienced homelessness firsthand, privacy becomes a mindset, rather than a physical reality. And that fortress of privacy within one's *mind* adds to the wide chasm between the housed and the homeless, often making homeless people seem "crazy" to housed folks. And when one has been forced to make *mental* doors that shut, since physical doors to shut for safety are nonexistent, it is as if there is a change to one's soul. (Read More...)


Discipline and Punishment in Prisons, Schools, and Labor
Foucault details how torture was previously based on physical fear and "collective horror," with images branded upon the psyches of all the spectators to torture. The progression Foucault describes in punishment was a move to punishment now being based on a "lesson," and legally prescribed punishments for crimes with elemental standards. Foucault then also says this "gentler" punishment would then make possible "in society an inversion of the traditional discourse of crime," meaning there needed to be a proactive move to "extinguish the dubious glory of the criminal." (It is interesting to look at modern society's current glorification of "thug life," and "gangsta rap," as well as old school classics such as Ice-T's "Cop Killer" in this context.) Foucault says the discipline movement wanted to "silence the adventures of the great criminals celebrated in the almanacs, broadsheets, and popular tales," and that these then must be replaced in the public conscience by the recording and publicity of the punishment of these criminals so "the crime can no longer appear as anything but misfortune and the criminal as an enemy who must be re-educated into social life." (Read More...)


Miriamma Carson, Amazing Midwife

Rogue Midwifery
Women helping other women deliver babies is as old as humanity. It makes sense. So why do mainstream doctors and hospitals act like midwifery is some radical, dangerous, medically-irresponsible quackery? In Scandanavia, the UK, and the Netherlands, female midwifery is a thriving occupation. Yet in America, it has been constructively outlawed as a profession, for 100 years. While I was in labor, during my home birth, I actually asked the midwives, "Are you sure this is okay to do at home, and not in a hospital?" They said, "Kirsten, think about it. THIS is the way women birthed for thousands of years before doctors and hospitals." That made sense, but I had to ask, due to my years of American medical brainwashing. (Read More...)


Nettles have many medicinal uses...

Nettles, Nettles, Everywhere!
Stinging Nettles (Urtica dioica) grow like weeds in the woods where I live in the Pacific Northwest (Washington State, USA). Spring is the time to collect the top 6-8 inches of stinging nettles before they flower. You can dry them for later use, or make fresh oil or vinegar infusions, tinctures, hair tonics, herbal drinks, etc. Nettles have been used for centuries in medicines, cosmetics, dyes, teas, and also as an edible, calcium-rich green, like spinach. (Read More...)


Women Street Performers and Sexual Safety
Everyone agrees street performing, or "busking," is hard work. Someone once said about acting, that they do not pay you for the acting, they pay you for the waiting around. That is true in busking, too. Performing talent is about 30% of a good street act. The ability to persevere under harsh conditions, to battle police and merchants over air space, to assert free speech rights at every corner as they are questioned, to spontaneously gather and hold a crowd, and to keep up with hecklers, makes the profession a die-hard one, at best. You spend little time on musical rehearsal, as compared to holding your place in line for a good spot, or "pitch," and then defending that pitch from police when they show up to shut you down. Street performing is not for the weak. And being a solo woman street performer has extra unseen entanglements, due to societal gender stereotypes. (Read More...)

To learn something - you must seek it out.
To know something - you must write it.
To master something - you must teach it.

This sculpture of adult and child whales at Seattle Center artfully uses the lawn as the sea...

"I don't know what weapons will be used in WWIII, but I do know WWIV will be fought with spears and clubs!" - Albert Einstein

American "Insane Asylum" History: Giving Names To Numbered Graves
In 1997, an ex-mental hospital patient and activist, Pat Deegan, was walking her dog on the property of the then closed Danvers State Mental Hospital, located 30 minutes north of Boston. (Danvers State Hospital opened in 1878, and has been closed since the early 1990's). She came upon an overgrown, abandoned cemetery, with only numbers on small round markers. Soon she found a second overgrown cemetery of numbered markers. (It was estimated there was about 40 years of overgrowth covering the cemeteries). Pat soon began facilitating slide shows of what she had seen, as well as organizing ex-patients for field trips and action. (Read More...)

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"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them." - Albert Einstein