Kirsten Anderberg in Academic Citations and the Press

Kirsten Anderberg is cited and referenced in academic and professional journals worldwide. Her articles have appeared in newspapers, magazines, zines and on websites around the world for over a decade. Her books are catalogued on WorldCat, the library catalogue maintained by the Library of Congress and her books are included in the holdings of such major libraries as the State Library of WA State and the Danish National Library. The following is a list of insitutions and publications which reference Kirsten Anderberg's writings:

Academics, Institutions and Journals

Books by Others

  • No Pretense Anarcha Group, A Collection of Essays on Feminism and Sexism in the Anarchist Movement, March 2011, Kirsten's essay, "A Man's Heaven is a Woman's Hell," is the first essay featured in this book, Zambalaza Books, South Africa
  • Haugen, David & Susun Musser, Criminal Justice: Opposing Viewpoints, 2009, a collection of essays about the criminal justice system, includes an essay by Kirsten Anderberg about problems with the public defender system, Greenhaven Press: Farmington Hills, MI
  • Roman Espejo, The Culture of Beauty, 2009, 2010, one of Anderberg's essays about artificial beauty standards for women is included in this book (though it was stolen and published without K. Anderberg's permission and continues to be published illegally using her work to date), Greenhaven Press: Farmington Hills, MI
  • Jennifer Sweeney, Literacy, A Way Out For At-Risk Youth, 2012, K. Anderberg's book about Child Protection History and MacLaren Hall is cited, ABC CLIO, LLC: Santa Barbara, CA
  • Rebecca Whisnent & Christine Stark, Not For Sale, 2004, includes an essay by Anderberg about the sex-positive community and feminism, Spinifex Press: North Melbourne, Australia

Magazines, Newspapers and Zines

Websites and Blogs

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