The following museum includes positive vulva imagery in art, jewelry, sculpture, graphic art and more. We are continually saddened to see the widespread disrespect that is displayed towards women's genitals in most cultures and are offering this website as an alternative for women and men alike, to expand past the corporate, political and religious brainwashing to learn to love and be proud of the genitals we live with in our lives. Enjoy!

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This book examines the relationship between vulvas (women's genitals) and society, history, health, art, religion, politics and more. Vulvic imagery of goddesses Sheela-na-gig and Baubo, in addition to alternative vulvic products such as necklaces, purses and pillows shaped like vulvas, are discussed in relation to women's self esteem. Women's spirituality, religion and gender, herbal remedies for vulvas, midwifery, the "sanitary protection" industry, the psychology of gender, women's mental health and esteem as related to vulvas are all discussed. Especially healing for women with body esteem and genital shame issues.

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About the Author: Kirsten Anderberg received her B.A. Degree in Women's Studies and Political Science from the University of WA and her M.A. Degree in History from CA State University. She has written articles and taught workshops on women's body esteem and sexuality at various universities and resorts.

Daughters of the Moon Tarot Card (Notice the legs and pubic mound under moon and breasts in foreground)

Kate Cartwright's Cowrie Rubber Stamp (the cowrie shell is a symbol for vulvas)

Venus of Willendorf Inside a Vulva

Kate Cartwright's Mentruating Woman Rubber Stamp

In Anne Cameron's book, "A Child Of Her People," a white girl is being raised by American Indians, after they found her dying in a covered wagon accident where her family had died. White missionaries come on the scene and "rescue" the white girl, placing her in a hospital with Catholic nuns. This is how Anne describes A Child Of Her People's first menstruation. "When her first blood moon was on her, she told Marie-Berthe and asked where the seclusion and meditation hut was for these women. Marie-Berthe laughed and told her there was none, that the women stayed in their rooms, or pretended nothing at all was happening. "They are shamed by it," she said. "But it is the most holy of times!" Child Of Her People blurted. "They do not think so, "Marie-Berthe shrugged. "I was told that before Eve tempted Adam and they both sinned, there was no blood moon time for Eve. After the Sin, their God cursed her, and every month the woman bleeds, to remind her of her sin."

"Do you believe that?" Child Of Her People asked carefully. "Do I look a fool?" Marie-Berthe asked, and then they were both laughing happily, but Child Of Her People knew that she would keep her secret to herself, let them think she was still a little girl. Moss was easily collected, there was no need to ask anybody for cloths or any of the other gear Marie-Berthe told her the white women used."

Before the "sanitary protection" industry was created, women used absorbent materials such as moss, sponges, and cloth for their menstrual flows, for thousands of years. Most likely, your granny used cloth pads, not corporate disposable "protection." The way the "sanitary protection" industry speaks about menstruation, they make it seem like menstruation is something women should dread, abhor, fear and hide. And they act like Big Brother is here to sell you "protection" from your own body fluids. By acting like menstrual fluids are toxic, women are degraded and belittled. Several religions have heavy dogmas around menstruating women, such as sexual taboos, food preparation taboos, etc. In American culture, we teach girls and women that their genitals should not be aggrandized or symbolized in any manner outside of the control of the porn or sanitary protection industry!

Baubo Statue

Sacred Source Sheela-Na-Gig Tile

Jane Iris Vulva (aka Yoni) Pendant

Homemade Baubo card (made by CA)

I found this Vulva Bed online, you crawl into its layers like a sleeping bag and has a clit hood...

Sheela-Na-Gig in Whittlesford, England


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