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a collection of articles and links to articles on other sites


articles on this site

We encourage a range of contributions, from news and views to work-in-progress and instances of co-research (interviews, questionnaires, etc.).


Aufheben A range of articles from the British journal


Franco Barchiesi, Flexibility in Manufacturing -- Organization and Subjectivity


George Caffentzis, A Reply to Aufheben magazine's review of Midnight Oil



Massimo De Angelis, The Autonomy of the Economy and Globalization


Echanges et Mouvement, Presentation Pamphlet


Dan Krasivyj, For the Recomposition of Social Labour


Steve Wright, The Limits of Negri's Class Analysis


links to articles offsite

Articles on the topic of class composition and related matters.

Aside from those listed below, numerous articles can also be found through the links page on this site and at:


Excerpts from bolo'bolo


Franco Barchiesi, Delivery from Below, Resistance from Above


Sergio Bologna, The Tribe of Moles


Sergio Bologna, Class Composition and the Theory of the Party at the Origin of the
Workers' Council Movement


Paolo Carpignano, U.S. Class Composition in the Sixties - Capital's 'New: Dimensions': The Kennedy Initiative


Harry Cleaver, Reading Capital Politically


An Interview with Harry Cleaver Massimo De Angelis


Nick Dyer-Witherford, CyberMarx


Ed Emery, No Politics Without Inquiry!


Dave Graham, Mersey Docks Dispute (UK)


John Holloway, The Red Rose of Nissan


Kolinko, Call Center inquiry


Kolinko, class composition


Lotta Continua, Take Over the City


Karl Marx, Workers' Inquiry


Sandro Mezzadra and Brett Neilson, Migration, Detention, Desertion


Angela Mitropoulos, Movements Against the Enclosures


Angela Mitropoulos, Habeas Corpus


Antonio Negri and Paolo Virno, Public Sphere, Labour, Multitude


Monty Neill, Towards the New Commons


Precari Nati (Precarious Life)


Red Notes, Archive of Italian Materials and Translations


Paolo Virno, Labour and Language


Steve Wright, Confronting the Crisis of 'Fordism': The Italian Debates


Steve Wright, The Historiography of the Mass Worker



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