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Modern Street Performers/Kirsten Anderberg's BUSKING Page

Modern Street Performers

This page is still a work in progress...bear with me...

Modern Street Performing

I have personally seen all of these people street perform with my own eyes, I say that because a lot of famous people *claim* to have busked, and I doubt some of those claims...:

Louie (Lou) Hevly - I saw Louie first busking at the Pike Place Market on clarinet, he was rumored to have called himself "Stale Bread" in the past, now living in Spain, King of the Royal Famille du Caniveaux. Louie has always been a true supporter of the arts, and was a person who was instrumental in helping me become a busker. He taught me a lot of things when I was in my teens about street performance and performance in general.
Charlie Brown - box juggler, humor, etc.
Rhys Thomas - amazing acrobatic juggler
Rollin' Joe - man with guitar and singing dog will travel by bike from Portland to Seattle fairs (West Coast)
Leonard - cardboard tube organ
Louie Lichtenstein - lasso, juggling
Tim Miller - juggling
Brad Miller - washboard
Pablo - washtub bass
Blair - banjo
Sandahbeth Spae - vocalist extraordinaire, musician, composer
Thaddeus Spae - instrumentalist, vocalist, composer
Mariide Widman - sea chanties, concertinas, political songs
Jan Luby - feminist singer songwriter
Cindy Boulding - powerful voice, blues
Sue Johnson - guitarist, vocalist
Jim - table magician from New Orleans
Jeep - banjoy player from New Orleans
Pepper Fajans - vaudeville
Cindy Three Kids - guitar
Dave McKesson - mandoli, accordian, washtub bass, vocals, jug bands
Levi Barnes - a cappella, gospel, soul
Cliff Miller- a cappella, gospel, soul
James Young - a cappella, gospel, soul
Everett Dallas - a cappella, gospel, soul
Willie Williams - a cappella, gospel, soul
Ray Ashby - blues, guitar, vocals
PKDwyer - skit comedy, blues/rock guitar, exceptional songwriter, unique singer
Donna Beck - one of the stronger voices on a woman busker, I only saw her busk with PKDwyer, never alone
Andrew P - vaudeville, freak show, music - stand up bass
Kind Keith - guitar, vocals
Ron W. Bailey - High musicianship, sketch comedy, vocals, guitar
Jingles - guitar, vocals
David - instrumentation and vocals with Rosalyn
Rosalyn - instrumentation and vocals with David
Dr. Rhythm - washtub bass
Washboard Jackson - washboard
Polaris - magic, sketch comedy
Sam Williams - magic, sketch comedy, juggling
Dave Conant - kick-ass blues guitar
Jarrod Kaplan - percussion
Liv - flute, vocals
Harmonica Bruce/Harpo - harmonica
Linda Schierman - stellar vocals, feminist comedy improv
Skyla - washtub bass, guitar
Randy - puppets, guitar, vocals (may he rest in peace)
Dragon - high quality blues guitar, vocals
Billy Hultz - washboard
Walter Singleman - washtub bass
Orville Johnson - banjo, dobro, fiddle, beautiful vocals
Larry Jug Vanover - jug, guitar, vocals
Kat Wildfire - devil sticks, fire, juggling
Bob/Robert Almblade - guitar, vocals, hammered dulcimer
Crow - fiddle, unicycle, juggling, vaudeville
Richard - guitar, vocals
Yva - Spanish songs, instrumentation
Mildred Hodittle - vaudeville, juggling
Reverend Chumleigh - Godfather of NW vaudeville, slackrope walking, shot out of cannon, straightjacket escape,...
Walker T. Ryan - blues guitar, powerful vocals
Swing Bob McGuire - swing guitar and vocals
Shirley - fiddle
Rick ManDyke - saxophone, flute Barefoot John - stand up bass
Tom Bailey - guitar, vocals
Jonny Hahn - piano
Jeanne Towne - autoharp, guitar, vocals
Rebo Flordigan - vocals, comedy (may she rest in peace)
Reggie Miles - washboard, saw, guitar, vocals, blues, comedy
Greg Youmans - one man band
Magic Mike Berger - balloons, magic
David T. Minstrel - guitar, vocals, comedy
Chad Petersen - stand up bass, guitar, smooth vocals
Jeff Kirkpatrick - mandolin, other instruments
Steve Clark - guitar, hilarious political songwriting

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