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Vol. 7 Issue 1
no dogs no indians allowed by Jaysen Cardinal Villeneuve

its was the best of times it was the worst of times how quickly things change when your looking through native eyes white crimes white supremacy enrage my tendency towards a better understanding of what happened when no indians were left standing we cant blame the minority when it was clearly caucasian authority cohersion and duress frequently runs rampant in the US it always has it always will things are never gonna change and its makin me ill watch out muthafuka cuz im goin in for the kill take A.I.M. and iíll get my ? ll ďno dogs, no indians allowedĒ break another treaty and call me proud no rest for the wicked on stolen land deny broken promises and issue us a band give natives a few rights to make things right indians of all tribes unite and join the ? ght ďno dogs, no indians allowedĒ take back the great plains and ? ght like red cloud fry up some moose meat, bannock and wild rice us natives gonna enforce a bill of rights heist like sitting bull let us see the light indians of all tribes unite and join the ?ght of all tribes unite and join the ?ght

by Kevin Ward

A Token Observation grafiti on a wall ALL INDIANS HAVE AIDS it says funny thing is itís scrawled across a mural of Vancouver lying at the foot of the coastal mountains an idylic depiction it is no suburban sprawl creeping up the mountains like an infectious lesion which the earth-minded know is rendering the planetís immune system deficient ironic then that this grafiti gets it so wrong whatís more the muralist is covering up the racist slur with various hues yet below the surface there it still lies simmering


[fucked young indianís] by Karmen Omeosoo

As i look up to the sky i ask myself a question is life here for the taking or just a cruel lesson does the man upstairs really care about about my peopleís affections were we really put on this earth to deal with all this oppression does it matter to him if a kid owns a Smith & Wesson not for his family but for personal protection does he support people having meetings for hate sessions does it bother him to see young girls handle menís erections HUH?!? tell me god does that make you feel sick to see some womanís baby girl suckin on a dick or to see some lonely man asking to pay for that shit sheís only 13 but brainwashed to TRICK!!! does it bother you when you hear a gun go click some kid just took his life cause he couldnít handle it or is it he got too DRUNK or too HIGH because of a chemical his family found it hard to say goodbye i know alot about young men and women who die i think about them a lot and ask you god WHY?!? why donít you intervene why donít you speak up? itís like the devil spilled hate all over and you donít want to clean up or is it you forgot or is it you donít care or is it that you got lazy and just want to sit and stare?!?! you see all that happens on my rezervation is real Real-fucked up i ? nd it hard to try and deal with all these mixed emotions and all this pain i feel if you played back my life itís like a HORROR reel full of twists and turns goblins and ghouls of people drinking booze and snif? ng white shit thru tubeís you ? nd it hard to now come to grips with REZ REALITY?!? now the question i ask you is..........am i the next FATALITY?????????

Whatís in a name
by Janet Marie Rogers

Whatís your favorite drug? What numbs your pain Give it a name Is it Mary-Jane Or C-C-Cocaine Maybe sex is your game Playing house all the time Makes you feel ? ne Endorphin elixir Ya-baby! Thatís the cure Are you addicted To drama and chaos? Is the devil your boss No boundaries to cross Till BANG! Itís all lost Do you want to be well? Or stay in your hell? Your lifestyle will tell If your soul is ready to sell Do you want change? To walk a new road Get back whatís been sold Move from black, to gold? Are you ready? Öfor love

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