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On The Red Road

Today, I am healthy; I havenít had a drink or been using for about three months. My journey started in April of 2004. Previous to this date I had been taking a path of addiction, a treacherous road of hurt, pain and suffering. I had a long history of alcohol and drug use, eight years smoking pot, six years drinking, and in the last three years have been binge-styling on all the addictions in my life.

My road to recovery has been bumpy and the temptations are everywhere, but all I think about is the younger generation who look up to me and ask me questions and just want to talk to me about life.

After graduating from high school in 2002, I enrolled in college for a year. I completed a majority of my courses and came home to Old Crow the following year. I thought I would only be working as a summer student and going back to school in the fall when I took a position as a Computer Support Technician Trainee, in the Department of Information Systems.

About a month into my position my director came to me with a one-year contract to stay and work full-time. During that year, I had been experimenting more and more with the partying lifestyle and ? nding myself coming into work smelling of whiskey or brew. My drinking and using were beginning to become daily and almost a necessity.

In April 2004, a pre-treatment program opened up in Old Crow and one of my friends wanted me to join them in attending. At ? rst I wasnít interested at all about changing my addictive ways and just wanted to stay on the path I was following. I had missed the ? rst meeting of pre-treatment because I had gone out to Crow Flats for some pictures of a youth camp and hadnít got back into town till about 10pm that night!

The program was every Tuesday at 7pm we would talk about depression for a day and then anger and anger management the next scheduled meeting. I personally liked the way the program was run. Instead of going though everything at once we took the time to go through one topic per session and I learned a great deal this way.

Anyhoo, half way through the Anyhoo, half way through the program I realized there were things in my life that werenít being dealt with that had to be dealt with or I was going down hill and fast. At that time, our facilitator asked if we would like to attend treatment through a program called Alcohol and Drug Services (ADS). It took me a while to agree and am I ever thankful that I did. In treatment I learned a lot about me and how to be honest with myself, getting every little bug out of my system by talking and working with myself.

I graduated from the program on July 30 and returned home on August 3, 2004! Just in time for our August 3, 2004! Just in time for our annual general assembly. It has been over 100 days now and I feel great. Sure I still get cravings and withdrawals but treatment prepared me for all the different feelings that are now overwhelming me.

I am an alcoholic and will always be one; itís just choosing to not drink and have that one cup that will make me stronger and more able to stay on my red road of recovery. I can now realize what I am doing and can now make the right choices for me. I am enjoying life and can now see the things that I couldnít before.

I just wanted to let everyone know that itís not impossible if you desire something, anything; you just have to work towards it. No matter how long it takes! This theme works great for me now, because I am now con? dent that I can live a healthy life and continue my wellness.

Thank you Redwire for being there and letting me write the things Iíve always wanted to say and do.

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