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Vol. 7 Issue 1
  1. My Country Tis of Thy People You're Dying, Buffy Saint-Marie
  2. I Am Not Your Princess, Chrystos
  3. Thieves, Richard Ashley Joseph
  4. My Blood Is Red, Aztlan Underground
  5. Yellowbird Eulagy
  6. Rounddance Song, Marc Longjohn
  7. Feelin Reserved, Warparty
  8. Indigenous Love, Vera Wabgijig
  9. Volcano Woman, Skeena Reece
  10. Kill Them, Manik, OS 12 and Chile
  11. The Uranium Leaking from Port Radium and Ray Rock Mines is Killing Us, Richard Van Camp
  12. 'Namgis/Mowachaht Am'lala, 'Namgis Singers
  13. Justice, Vera Manuel
  14. Too Sick, Eekwol, Innersoulflow
  15. Why?, Nikki Maier
  16. Red X, Kinnie Starr
  17. Baby Girl, Sandra A. Olsen
  18. All My Relations, Sandy Scofield

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