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No One Is Illegal

The No One is Illegal campaign is in full confrontation with Canadian colonial border policies, denouncing and taking action to combat racial profiling of immigrants and refugees, detention and deportation policies, and wage-slave conditions of migrant workers and non-status people.

We struggle for the right for our communities to maintain their livelihoods and resist war, occupation and displacement, while building alliances and supporting indigenous sisters and brothers also fighting theft of land and displacement.

contact NOII-Van:
email: noii-van@resist.ca
tel: 604-682-3269 +7149



For more information visit the Sutikalh Solidarity Page: http://sutikalh.resist.ca/

Prevent the Extension of the Development License- August 2005

There has been much pressure in the past week by the Stat'imc Nation to block the license extension at Cayoosh. We strongly urge people to continue to write in to John Bones, the Environmental Assessment Officer, who will be making his decision within the coming weeks.

Some recent articles from the Vancouver Sun and Globe and Mail:

http://www.canada.com/vancouver/vancouversun/news/westcoastnews/story.html?id=1e14da64-c49d-41c3-b35 b-2bf3a3dec1a0




In a recent update from Sutikalh camp, Rosalin Sam has requested supporters to contact the Environmental Assessment Office regarding the extension of a building certificate that was issued to Al Raine and Nancy Green-Raine to build Cayoosh Ski Resort in Melvin Creek in August 2000. The resort developers are being forced to apply for an extension since building has been substantially "behind schedule" due to the growing pressure against the resort and increasing support for the five-year camp at Sutikalh. The granting of this extension is dependent on another full Environmental Assessment of the development.

John Bones, the Environmental Assessment Officer, has specifically mentioned that he is waiting for more input about the resort from concerned community members. Although we realize that letter-writing campaigns are frequently viewed as being unsuccessful or that they do not make much of a difference, in this case, it is likely that such a campaign (coupled with the strength and conviction of the Sutikalh Camp) will have a significant impact on the Environmental Assessment. We strongly urge people to take a minute to send a letter or fax (email is the least preffered method) to John Bones stating your opposition to the Cayoosh Ski Resort.

Sample letter and contact information included below.


John Bones
Project Assessment Director
Environmental Assessment Office
Victoria BC, V8W9V1
Phone (250) 387-1447
Fax (250) 356-6448
Email: John.Bones@gems3.gov.bc.ca

ATT:    John Bones
        Project Assessment Director
        Environmental Assessment Office

RE: Proposed Cayoosh Ski Resort development by NGR
Inc. in Melvin Creek

Mr. Bones,

I am writing to you to express my absolute opposition to Nancy Greene Raine (NGR) Inc.’s proposed development of the Cayoosh Ski Resort in Melvin Creek.

The proposed ski resort would entail destructive development on St'at'imc territory – lands which remain unceded and are recognized as such by the Canadian constitution. The St’at’imc communities have remained adamantly opposed to this 500 million dollar project for over five years. They have made their opposition clear through petitions, protests, and the
establishment of the Sutikalh camp which they have occupied for close to 63 months now. In August, 2000, the Lillooet Tribal Council issued a letter to NGR Inc., signed by all 11 chiefs, rejecting the ski resort. The St’at’imc Nation continues to assert that they won’t tolerate any
development on their territory in Melvin Creek.

Initially, the government's own Environment Ministry, Kamloops region, advised against any development in the Cayoosh and Melvin Creek watersheds, citing high wildlife values, especially Grizzly Bear and Mountain Goat habitat. The St'at'imc have also received public support from various Aboriginal groups, including the Interior Alliance (band councils of the Southern Carrier, St'at'imc, Secwepemc, Nlaka'pamux and Okanagain), the Union of BC Indian Chiefs (UBCIC), the Native Youth Movement (NYM), and the Cheam First Nation. Several environmental groups are also opposed to the Cayoosh resort, including the Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC), the Western Canada Wilderness Committee (WCWC), Sierra Club and even former government biologists.

For the St’at’imc people, as for all Indigenous peoples, the integrity of their ancestral territories is fundamental for the survival of their language, culture and future generations. Furthermore, despite claims from NGR Inc. and the BC government, this 14,000 person capacity ski resort would have devastating effects on the local environment and wildlife.

According to a financial analysis and market assessment by the
Environmental Assessment Office, the BC government stands to make a $1.1 billion profit upon project completion. This fact is not lost on community members or allies; nor is the fact that the impending 2010 Winter Olympics provide further incentive to the government to approve NGR Inc.’s project regardless of its unconstitutionality, violation of basic human rights and wide range of adverse effects.

In solidarity with the St’at’imc people, therefore, I request that your office reject NGR Inc.’s proposal for the development of the Cayoosh Ski Resort in Melvin Creek.



March 10, 2005

To all supporters;

This is a notice to inform you that our anniversary for this year is on April 30th and May 1st, at Sutikalh.

On April 30th, 2005 is a drop in day for all to come and enjoy the fresh air. On May 1st, 2005 is a planned day with a ceremony at 10:00 am, and at noon will be lunch followed by speeches of attending elders, chiefs, and open to supporters who would like to share with us, and Drumming and singing.

So mark these dates on your calendar and we will see you there. For further information you can email me or contact Ramona Joe, 604-894-2462; Chief Garry John, 580-259-8227; Gina, 250-256-7523, or myself at 604-894-2400. Any donation is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Rosalin Sam,
Lil'watool of the St'at'imc territory

February 17, 2005


After receiving many emails and calls and visits from concerned people I thought that I would write this update and inform as to what is happening.

There has been a petition going around the town of Lillooet pushing for the resort to go through, for the sake of jobs for the white people of the town and being pushed by the past mayor, and the younger generation also. They are having meeting, secretly supposedly, to find way to push for the resort. It's been on the news again this morning on the Global channel with Al Raine talking and pushing the resort.

There has been talk in Vancouver that there is going to be a lot of jobs soon because the resort is a must and has to be built by 2010.

NGR's permit is valid only till August of this year. What has to happen because of this late time for the building permit, because the resort should have been started by now is; Al Raine will have to apply for an extension on his permit, before he can go into the valley to do anything. To ask for an extension he will have to do a reassessment of the area, after he makes an application to the Gordon Campbell government. I say Gordon Campbell because that is who is in office right now. He will have to explain why he wants an extension and asked why he has not started by now. All this information came from Victoria via supporters. To do a reassessment he will have to tell the truth about the area, on our animals, and that we use the lands. To tell the truth will make it hard for him to be granted the extension. But we also have to remember 2010 to push for a big show case. Of course we the St'at'imc still say that there will be not ski resort in Sutikalh.

With the full support of our St'át'imc Chiefs, and of the St'at'imc people, and supporters from all over the world I do not see any resort in Sutikalh. But for the safety for our guys in camp I strongly suggest that people continue to stop in on their way through just to make sure things are okay.

I ask you to continue to keep your ear to the ground and keep me up to date on the things that you hear and what you see. I am fundraising for the 2005 anniversary, which will be on April 30th and May 1st, so mark this on your calendars.


c/o Rosalin Sam
P.O. Box 309
Mount Currie, B.C.
V0N 2K0
Phone: 604-894-2400; Fax: 604-894-6841; e-mail: sutikalh2003@telus.net