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No One Is Illegal

The No One is Illegal campaign is in full confrontation with Canadian colonial border policies, denouncing and taking action to combat racial profiling of immigrants and refugees, detention and deportation policies, and wage-slave conditions of migrant workers and non-status people.

We struggle for the right for our communities to maintain their livelihoods and resist war, occupation and displacement, while building alliances and supporting indigenous sisters and brothers also fighting theft of land and displacement.

contact NOII-Van:
email: noii-van@resist.ca
tel: 604-682-3269 +7149


Migrant Workers in Canada

For more information: www.justicia4migrantworkers.org


April 19, 2005

Justicia for Migrant Workers (J4MW) is demanding answers from Canada's Immigration Minister Joe Volpe. Mondays announcement by Mr. Volpe concerning changes to Canadas Immigration system provides no assistance to the tens of thousands of migrant farm workers who are employed under the auspices of the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program.

Migrant Farm workers from the Caribbean, and Mexico provide the backbone to Canadas multi-billion dollar agricultural industry. These workers are employed for a period anywhere between eight weeks to eight months with no provisions in their contracts for permanent residency in Canada.

Migrant farm workers should have a right for permanent Status in Canada if they desire to live here says Nicole Wall, an organizer for Justicia for Migrant Workers.  Their contributions to our society continue to go unrecognized. Its time that the Canadian government begin to address the concerns of migrant workers in Canada!

Justicia for Migrant Workers is Demanding that the following provisions be made available:

* Permanent residency status be provided for workers currently employed under the auspices of the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program

* Permanent residency status be provided retroactively for workers previously employed under the auspices of the Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program

* Provisions for family reunification be included to allow families of migrant farm workers to apply for residency status in Canada

* That a program of regularization be initiated for all non status peoples in Canada

* The implementation of an appeals process to prevent unilateral repatriation of migrant workers without representation

* That the process of citizenship be expedited for migrant workers who marry Canadian residents

The exclusion of migrant farm workers continues the historical legacy of racial exclusion that the Canadian state has initiated to prevent certain groups from permanently residing here. Where is the justice when you have workers who have worked in Canada for twenty five to thirty years with no social and/ or economic mobility rights? says Evelyn Encalada Grez.

For More Information Please Contact justicia for migrant workers at info@justicia4migrantworkera@yahoogroups.com,
www.justicia4migrantworkers.org or Chris Ramsaroop at
chris.ramsaroop@utoronto.ca or 416-832-4932