The Flying Folk Army brings you politricks
David Saraceno, The Peak (SFU Newspaper)

13, vol 107 -- April 8, 2001

Call them the musical militia, the commie cacophony, the harmonious horde; call them what you will, the Flying Folk Army (FFA) deliver a delightful barrage of rump-shaking tunes to get you on your feet. Haven't heard of them? Too bad. The Flying Folk are undoubtedly some of the best musical merrymakers in Vancouver.

Born out of the aftermath of the APEC demonstrations, this five to eight member band (it varies from show to show) has become an important feature of cultural life in East Vancouver. This group of musicians has found a way to fuse the political and social lives of a community together. It's truly a situation where activists and musicians (often the same people) are inspired and fueled by one another's work. The Flying Folk Army is now intimately woven into the life of this neighbourhood.

Don't believe me? Have a look at what Paul Kotheimer, a traveling folk artist, has to say about the FFA. "This...stance seems particularly important because, especially in such a big city, where addiction runs rampant and living on the margin is such tough work, live music and performance are sorely needed in order to form human interconnections and to act as an antidote to alienation."

When you get a couple of guitars, fiddles, a banjo or two, an accordion, clarinet, some drums and a stand-up double bass together, you can't fail to have a great night. But the FFA isn't just for the folk-inclined. The Folk play a great mix of old and new labour and folk tunes, some of which they have updated and made a little more relevant for the times. However some of their best gems are the ditties they've written themselves, many of which are featured on their upcoming CD.

Hey you freaky RED! You wrote the words labour and tunes in a sentence, what if I want to leave my politricks at home and just have a good time dancing? Well friend, as I have learned in the last few years living in East Van, rare is a night of dancing as good as a night with these rhythmic revolutionaries.

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