massive folk fist to the man

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CD Notes:

Massive Folk Fist to the Man was recorded, mixed and mastered between March, 2000 and April, 2001 in on Mayne Island, BC at Plumper Sound studios.

It is the first full-length album by the Flying Folk Army and contains 15 original tracks of vibrant music bringing social awareness and rhythm together in tunes that reference the past while looking forward to the future!

All eight members of the Flying Folk contributed to this album as lyricists, musicians, and vocalists and the many traditional folk instruments played throughout the arrangements include: fiddle, tenor banjo, guitar, 5-string banjo, piano, accordion, clarinet, stand-up bass, bodhran and other percussion, and harmonica.

Album Credits

The Flying Folk:

* Megan Adam: fiddle, 5-String banjo, vocals
* Alison Jenkins: accordion, piano, harmonica, clarinet, vocals
* Sean Morton: guitar, vocals
* Duane Murrin: guitar, vocals
* Ben Rogalsky: tenor banjo, harmonica, accordion, mandolin, vocals
* Russell Sholberg: acoustic bass, vocals
* Sarah Shugarman: fiddle, spoons, vocals
* Jonathan Teague: bodhran, vocals

Album Production:

* Cover Artwork: Sean Morton
* Photography: Darren Thurston & Jamie Sholberg
* Army Guy Drawing: Jonathon Teague
* Layout: Megan Adam

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered at 

Plumper Sound Studios by
Clarence Deis
Mayne Island, BC
(250) 539-3535


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  1. Uncle Sam
  2. Behind the Counter
  3. Hands Off
  4. The Reservoir
  5. Gingerbread Man
  6. Troy and the Bear
  7. Rich in Love
  8. Hasting Away
  9. Kolamyka
  10. Mostly Crazy
  11. Drunken Sailor
  12. Round-up Ready Round-up
  13. Mussels in the Corner
  14. Professional Protester
  15. Which Side Are You On



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