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Interview with the FFA by Brian Disagree (it's long but amusing)
Review of Massive Folk Fist in the Earth First Journal
Info & Mp3s from our CD HERE!

Finally, it's folk music for people for short attention spans! From fast-paced celtic numbers to acoustic renditions of disco standards - the Flying Folk Army remakes many genres with their own rhythmic vitality. Part activist sideshow, part guerilla theatre and a large dose of whooping and hollering are the foundation of this group. It's an 8-piece radical folk band and it's always a party!

Although this website contains some info, some photos and some of our music - it is NOWHERE near even a virtual approximation of what we are. To get a better idea of where we are at - you should come and check out a show sometime. Also - read this description of the band by a fellow performer or this review!

If you would like to book us for an event (or just talk to us) - PLEASE do contact us at flyingfolk@resist.ca.

Also, to keep tabs on our activities and find out about upcoming shows, please sign up on our mailing list.

We hope to hear from you (and meet you) soon!