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Public Transit Rights Violation Report Form

Public Transit is a Human Right:

Public services, including public transit, are necessary for the safety and dignity of working class communities in this region.

Transit dependant people have a "right to a job with just and favorable conditions of work and a living wage."* In order to access jobs, working people in the dispersed Greater Vancouver Region require affordable and accessible 24-hour public transit 7 days a week.

Transit dependant people have a "right to well-being of person and their family"*, which includes personal safety and access to social services such as affordable housing, health care, education, and others. In order to access these services, and the political, economic, and social life of the region, working class communities require affordable and accessible public transportation.

*Quotations from the 'Universal Declaration of Human Rights'

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**Transit dependant people are majority working class people of colour; unequal allocation of public transit funds away from the needs of these communities and into private projects amounts to systemic racism. Documenting this information is an important part of the Bus Riders Union campaign.

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