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The On-the-Bus Crew

The Bus Riders Union On-the-bus Crew is a group of committed BRU organizers who get on the bus twice a week to talk to riders. The organizers share information about our campaigns; listen to the experiences of bus riders and record testimonials of injustice in the transit system; and collect signatures on our petitions for More Buses! Lower Fares!

On the bus

The on-the bus crew meets up at the beginning of every session, then sets out in groups of two or three. When the organizers board the bus, one will speak to the driver and the other will make a short introductory speech to the bus riders.

Listening to riders

On the bus, the BRU organizers speak to individual riders or sometimes groups of riders. Often riders come forward with their own stories of injustice, such as long waits and overcrowded buses. Since the BRU began organizing its campaign for the return of the night owl buses, the organizers have heard countless stories of workers losing their jobs, losing shifts and hours, because they couldn't get a bus. Many youth and women tell about long walks home late at night and fearing for their own safety.

Talking to riders

While most time is spent listening to riders, BRU organizers also hand out leaflets about our campaigns, such as Night Owl Buses: End the Curfew NOW! and End Transit Racism. We encourage riders to come to our community meetings, to sign the petition, and to become a member of the Bus Riders Union.

Read on-the-bus leaflets

Why an on-the-bus crew?

On-the-bus organizing is the core work of the Bus Riders Union. By getting on the bus and through direct contact with riders, organizers are in touch with the daily struggles and issues of bus riders. They use the experiences and stories they hear to develop campaigns, to write materials, and to develop the Bus Riders Union as an organization that fights for the rights and needs of bus riders.

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