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posters and leaflets


Cut the Liberals (Sept 28th, 2004 Demo) - POSTER - hagensept28.pdf -

People's Inquiry Into Police Violence (Jan 27th, 2005 Forum) - LEAFLET BACK - ppls_inquiry1_lflt_back.pdf
People's Inquiry Into Police Violence (Jan 27th, 2005 Forum) - LEAFLET FRONT - ppls_inquiry1_lflt_front.pdf
People's Inquiry Into Police Violence (Jan 27th, 2005 Forum) - POSTER - jan_27_forum_poster.pdf -

Resist 2010 Olympics (Feb 12th, 2005 Demo) - LEAFLET - flame2.pdf
Resist 2010 Olympics (Feb 12th, 2005 Demo) - POSTER - flame1.pdf -

Demo the Legislature (Feb 15th, 2005 ) - POSTER - demo_the_leg_poster.pdf -

Class War Starts in the Schools (April 2nd, 2005 Demo) - POSTER - apcapril2.pdf -

Eastside Assembly (May 19th, 2005 Forum) - POSTER - eastside_assembly.pdf

graphics and comics

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police brutality

"Safe Streets" by Matta

Download full "Safe Streets" graphic - policebrutality-women.pdf -


APC Campaigns

Welfare Campaign
Safe Streets Act
Legal Defense
Police Brutality
Housing Campaign
Indigenous Solidarity

What is APC?

APC is...The Anti-Poverty Committee is an organization of poor and working people, who fight for poor people, their rights and an end to poverty by any means necessary.

The poor face constant attack under the capitalist system and these attacks have only intensified under the BC Liberal government. APC is committed to fighting the brutal policies of the BC Liberals through direct action, mass mobilization, and casework.

We oppose racism, sexism, homophobia, and all other forms of oppression. APC is an independent and democratic organization open to anyone who agrees with our basis of unity. We are committed to working in solidarity with the struggles of other progressive movements locally, nationally, and internationally to end poverty and injustice.

Contact us :

tel: 604-682-2726
fax: 604-682-2752 apc(at)resist(dot)ca

#1 12 E. Hastings
Vancouver, BC
Coast Salish Territory
Canada  v6a 1n1
by appointment only