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In 2005, the U.S. government began a campaign against an assortment of people in the U.S. claiming that they were part of a group called 'the Family' (associated with the Earth Liberation Front and the Animal Liberation Front}. And that they committed acts of sabotage. Many were additionally given a 'terrorism enhancement' which can add an additional 20 years to sentencing. This is part of what has become known as the 'Green Scare'.

Around 10 people were arrested and a few remain at large. Many of the defendants pleaded guilty to being in a group that doesn't exist ('the family') and many of them gave evidence and informed on others in order to get their charges lessened or dropped.

Darren Thurston was not given the terrorism enhancement and was given a lighter sentence based on his co-operation with the U.S. government.

According to a report on Portland Indymedia;
"[Asst. US Attorney Stephen Peiffer] said that Thurston had provided information about a 'whole array of activities and other people', beyond what was called for in this investigation."

More on Green Scare FBI Informants at the Civil Liberties Defense Center

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