Fat Grrls Are Dangerous

By Shoshone

A fat grrl is abnormal. Different. Other. Not normal. Not okay.
A fat grrl is fed excessively. A fat grrl eats all the time. A fat grrl sneaks food. Fat grrls are eating every time you look at them.
A fat grrl has a serious problem. A fat grrl is caught in a vicious cycle.
A fat grrl is lazy. She isn't mobile. Doesn't move enough to burn it off. A fat grrl gets fatter because she can't move because she's fat.
A fat grrl looks dumb in a bathing suit. A fat grrl at ballet is ridiculous. A fat grrl in a leotard looks like a stuffed sausage.
A fat grrl shouldn't run, she juggles like a pig. A fat grrl's butt sticks off the bike seat.
A fat grrl's problem should be attacked at once. A fat grrl must be taught to curb her appetite. A fat grrl must be trained to stop herself.
A fat grrl must combat fat. Must stomp it out. Must kill it before it gets out of control.
A fat grrl should be stunted. Dieted. Drugged. A fat grrl should go to fat camp.
A fat grrl must never speak of food. She should never want candy or spaghetti or cake. A fat grrl must never have seconds. Or desserts.

A fat grrl should be ashamed. Sorry.
A fat grrl should shed big chunks of herself. A fat grrl doesn't really need to be that way, you know.

A fat grrl does not fit. Is out of control.
A fat grrl is uncontrollable.
Dangerously out of control.


Note: I performed this piece at the Oregon Country Fair while sledgehammering a bathroom scale as a comedic nun, "Mother Zosima," in approximately 1991. It was incredibly powerful. I got more response for that show at Midnight Show at OCF than any other performance I did there in my 20 years performing there as Mother Zosima and other incarnations. Women came up to me and said watching me sledge hammer the scale while saying the poem at first made them laugh, then they found they were crying, and they said they thought they had gotten past that stuff, but then noted apparently not! I think this is a powerful poem and I have performed it on stages for decades because it is especially powerful to hear a fat woman recite it.

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