How To Donate

Kirsten Anderberg relies on her readers' donations to keep publishing her independent media and also to share things such as free publishing assistance for the poor. Below are some of Kirsten's public service projects which are supported by independent donations such as yours:
* Independent feeding of the homeless and poor without any strings attached (unlike religious organizations and government agencies)
* Printed materials for the homeless about Section 8, public housing and other low-income resources
* Writing, editing, formating and publishing assistance to low-income, homeless and disenfranchised members of society
* Primary research assistance and publishing support for survivors of institutions
* MacLaren Hall survivor support
* Camarillo State Mental Hospital survivor support
* Transparency in mental health practices activism
* Educational support for disenfranchised populations to attend college, including help with financial aid applications and admissions processes, as well as fee waivers for things such as SAT's, admission fees and special admissions
* Distribution of free educational and activist materials to the US, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and Spain

Books with an emphasis on public service written by Kirsten Anderberg: 21st c. Essays on Homelessness * Protest! * Commitment Criteria * MacLaren Hall History * They Call Them Camisoles - Revisited * Feed Homeless People Now: Sharing Not Charity

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